Jiu-Jitsu is a martial art that originated in Japan, was developed in Brazil and finally made its way to the United States and the rest of the world. One thing that makes Jiu Jitsu exciting, unlike many other martial arts, is that it is still alive and constantly evolving.

Modern Jiu Jitsu is a fighting system with a focus on grappling and ground fighting techniques. The aim of Jiu Jitsu is to control and subdue a larger and stronger opponent through the use of superior techniques, leverage, and body mechanics. With an emphasis on grappling rather than striking, students are able to practice with varying levels of intensity all the way to full resistance, without the threat of serious injuries which can occur more often in martial arts focused on punching and kicking.

Traditionally, the Jiu Jitsu student practices in a Gi or Kimono, a martial arts uniform similar to a judo outfit. In recent years, many schools and academies have incorporated No-Gi Jiu Jitsu, commonly referred to as submission wrestling, to their teaching curriculum. In No-Gi Jiu Jitsu, students typically wear t-shirts, rash guards, and shorts, instead of the traditional gi.

At Villains Jiu Jitsu, unlike most academies which focus on one or another, we study and practice the art of both traditional Jiu Jitsu in a Gi as well as No-Gi submission wrestling every single day. We believe this balance of training offers the most benefits, but naturally students can simply choose what they want to focus their attention on.