We would humbly appreciate it if everyone would please consider the following etiquette at Villains Academy: 

1. No shoes or footwear on the mats and always wear flip flops or shoes off the mats

Keep our mats clean and in good condition, and keep your feet clean especially when you go to the toilet (wash your hands afterwards please).

2. Personal hygiene

Out of respect for your training partners and teammates, come to class clean, smelling good, and not directly from a very dirty environment such as a hospital or live demo site.

3. Cut your nails and remove all jewelry

Jiu Jitsu is a contact sport so please keep your training partners safe and free of cuts or scrapes.

4. No open cuts on the mat

If you have any minor cuts tape them up fully rather than bleeding onto your training partners and our beautiful white mats. If you have any serious cuts or injuries, then you should not train.

5. Clean your uniform and all gear after every use

Please wash all of your gear (including your belts) after every use. Not only is a nasty smell gross, it’s very unhealthy and might lead to skin infections for you and your teammates.

6. Don’t train while sick

If you are sick don’t train so that none of your partners catch your bugs – rest up and come back strong to keep the team healthy.

7. Be on time

It’s tough in LA to predict the traffic, but just do your best to come on time.

8. Preference for white gear

Our mats are white and we would love to keep them that way. Colors are allowed, but we have a preference for our students to train in white gis and gear – just do your best and please be considerate. Also, please wash all new gear before using it the first time. 

9. No hard plastic on the grappling mats

Hard plastic wrestling ear guards and joint protectors can hurt your training partners and/or damage our grappling mats. If you prefer to use gear like this, please look into foam and soft options without hard plastic. 

10. No filming or videotaping

Privacy is important especially while sparring. Your teammates do not want to show up in a video on the internet without their permission. Our academy should be a place to escape from the noise of the real world: pictures are allowed but please keep your phones off the mats and instead focus on your training. 


       Villains Jiu Jitsu