Villains Jiu Jitsu  - Membership Pricing:

Membership pricing of $150 per month for unlimited training! 
No contracts/commitment, cancel anytime. 

Classes at Villains are held in both Gi and No Gi. All classes begin with a short dynamic warm up that includes both plyometric and calisthenic exercises, before moving on to instructional technique and drilling, then finally to open sparring. Classes are offered for every level multiple times a week.

Free Introductory Class:

Visit Villains Jiu Jitsu Academy in Los Angeles to attend a Free Trial Class! No appointment necessary. This is not considered a "drop-in" class. Note that this is only available to Los Angeles residents.

Drop-In Policy:

Note that there are no drop-ins at Villains aside from if you are invited to a class to train directly by a current Villains member - the fee for a drop-in under this policy is $30 (cash only). Please read the Etiquette page on our website carefully before training at Villains.

The training schedule is as follows:

Fundamentals class:

Beginner level classes designed to provide students with an introduction to fundamental techniques and principle of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. The flow drills incorporated are designed to help students internalize the fluid body mechanics behind the concepts they are learning, while retaining muscle memory at an advanced pace. 

Advanced class:

Advanced techniques, concepts, and movement chains that define modern Jiu Jitsu and Demian Maia's unique approach to leverage, body mechanics, and precise details that define fluency in technique and body awareness. There is a strong focus on live sparring and situational drilling. 

*Competition class:

This class has a different rhythm in that we focus on competition scenarios, positions, scrambles, and situations, and adjust the training to fill in the gaps for students. Note that this class is not just for those who compete or plan to compete, and is not just a class where people train/roll/spar harder. It is for anyone who has a solid level of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu who wishes to work on their game with advanced techniques with more of a competition/professional oriented mindset.

Currently the class is NOGI training, but we will change the class throughout the year in line with the current seasonal focus of competition Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

*Please note that this class is for Villains members only and cannot be taken as a trial class.



Jiu Jitsu while wearing a Gi or Kimono (a martial arts uniform similar to a judo outfit).  We have a preference for white gis at Villains to keep the mats beautiful. Here is a suggestion of inexpensive sytylish gis from a brand called Scramble: here or here.


In Nogi Jiu Jitsu, students typically wear rash guards (compressional shirts),  t-shirts, and shorts, instead of the traditional Gi. While not essential, we recommend wearing a mouthguard to protect your teeth, and optionally, a groin protector cup for males if that makes you more comfortable.